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The Dubai Real Estate Market: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Dubai's housing market: a source of debate, with analysts predicting a price drop over the coming year, while recognizing the market's resilience. Despite the expected slowdown, Dubai's real estate sector appears to remain robust for now, supported by favorable interest rates and long-term residency incentives.


2023: A record year

In 2023, the market exceeded expectations and set new records in both value and sales volume. Average prices even rose above the peak of ten years earlier in September, showing a clear upward trend.

The numbers speak for themselves

• The ValuStrat Price Index, which tracks fluctuations in real estate values, shows a significant increase of 19.9% ​​in 2023

• Certain areas did even better:

o Apartments: Discovery Gardens (+26.4%), The Greens (+24.3%), Motor City (+20.7%) and Town Square (+19.5%).

o Villas: Jumeirah Islands (+32.2%), The Palm Jumeirah (+31.9%), Dubai Hills Estate (+30.6%) and Mudon (+27.2%).

2024: Predictions and trends

According to real estate consultancy Asteco, residential real estate prices in Dubai will fall by 2024. This is attributed to declining savings and reduction in pent-up demand.

A dynamic market

The constant change in the Dubai real estate market highlights the importance of being informed and flexible, whether you are an investor, homeowner or potential buyer. The market may fluctuate, but the underlying factors driving the Dubai real estate sector, such as economic stability and government policies, remain strong.

Navigate strategically

• Investors: Understand the trends and work with renowned real estate advisors for valuable insights

• Homeowners: Use the information to make informed decisions about your property

• Potential buyers: Assess market conditions to make strategic purchases


Dubai's housing market may experience a price drop, but the long-term outlook remains positive. With the right planning and expert guidance, everyone involved can navigate the complexities of the market and take advantage of the opportunities presented by Dubai's dynamic real estate sector.

Some additional tips:

• Stay informed of the latest market developments

• Do thorough research before investing or purchasing one

• Work with a trusted broker or advisor

With this information, you are ready to explore the Dubai real estate market!

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