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Free Valuation Report



Property valuation plays a crucial part in the real estate industry. It determines the value of the property for sellers and buyers, considering market data, condition, location, income generation potential, etc. 

Dubai Platinum offers a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)* to our clients free of cost to help them gain a better understanding of the market and provide assistance in the process of selling or buying the property. This will help to ensure that you list your property for sale or rent through Dubai Platinum, knowing its true value on the current market. 

  • Sales comparison, or market data, using sales history records in the area and considering discrepancies, such as the age of the building and condition, between comparable properties. 

  • Income capitalization, where the property is valued based on the income it can generate, usually in terms of rent. 

  • The cost approach, which assumes that a buyer will not pay more than what it costs to build a property plus the cost of the land. 


Please fill the form to receive a free valuation of your property. 

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*Note that the free CMA report we offer is an estimated valuation only.


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