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Property Handover

Is your property ready for handover but you are not available or would like to give it out of hands? One of our certified experts will attend the home orientation appointment with the developer and will conduct the property on your behalf and take a note off all the issues that require attention and rectify them.  


The service is especially relevant for those who are overseas and can’t travel at the time of the building’s completion for the handover, or for those who want to delegate the handover management to professionals.​


Our property snagging and handover service includes: 

  • Pre-checking and preparing the owner’s documents and utility connections as proof for the handover. 

  • One of our certified and qualified team members will oversee the handover procedure with the developer. 

  • Attending the snagging appointment with the developer to check if the property is suitable for accommodation and to identify any major or minor construction defects and damages. 

  • Our clients will receive a full and detailed written report after the inspection of the property. 

  • Continuous follow-up with the developer regarding the rectification of any damages inside the property. 

  • Final evaluation of the property to determine its overall condition. 

  • Collection of documentation as well as handover paperwork, which includes handover acknowledgement, homeowner manuals, appliance warranties if any, rules and regulations of the building, keys and access card, inventory, etc. 

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