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Dubai Platinum invests with a data-driven approach, and our analysis team employs 14 strict criteria to enhance profit opportunities and minimize risks. These criteria are carefully selected to ensure the quality and potential of each real estate investment:


1. Developer Reputation
The reputation and experience of the developer are assessed first.

2. Location
The location is thoroughly analyzed, including surrounding projects and historical value appreciation.

3. View
Optimal view locations are selected after careful analysis.

4. Leasehold or Freehold
Projects on freehold land are preferred.

5. Finish Level
The quality and finish of the properties are evaluated.

6. Short-term Rental
The possibilities for short-term rental are explored.

7. Resale Term
Agreements are made regarding the timeframe within which projects may be resold.

8. Investment per m²
The price per square meter is compared with the market value.

9. Bulk Discounts
Significant bulk discounts are negotiated.

10. Payment Terms
Favorable payment terms are established.

11. Service Charges
Service charges are thoroughly evaluated.

12. Escrow Account
The security of deposits into the escrow account is ensured.

13. Rental Prices
The rental prices of comparable properties are analyzed.

14. Priority in Allocation
Priority in the purchase of projects in the -1 phase is guaranteed.


This structured approach ensures that each investment is made with a clear strategy to add value and manage risks.

Al Fattan Report
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