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About the Developer

Omniyat is a highly specialized development, investment and management company with vast expertise in residential and commercial construction. Located in Dubai, UAE, Omniyat has been committed to delivering professionalism and unrivalled exclusive touch to each and every project.

Since that time Omniyat Properties has grown into a prosperous entity with a portfolio, enriched by the succession of excellent projects and fixtured itself among UAE major influential development companies.

Omniyat properties thoroughly depicts and brings together craftsmanship of world-renown architects, engineers, designers and artists to deliver a masterpiece for dear customers to live, stay and experience.

Omniyat’s towers in Dubai seamlessly blends retail, hotel apartments, commercial spaces and residential areas in upmost convenience and comfort for its residents.

Attention to details is the key pillar of the Omniyat philosophy. From the exterior to the interior, Omniyat includes modern designs and finishes, plus upscale appliances and fixtures, when a budget is not a limitation.

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