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Amaranta Villanova in Dubailand is the first-of-its-kind confidential gated neighborhood with its stylish and spaciously calculated standalone villas, all of which will include full facilities such as maid’s room, storage, laundry, and shaded carports. The community also includes apartments that will be launched in the future. Residents benefit from nearby facilities together with walking and biking trails, BBQ zones with picnic lawns, parks with children’s play areas and retail outlets with outdoor seating. With the lush green surroundings, Amaranta promises to provide a calm and passive life, which is a necessity for every family living in a busy city like Dubai.

Direct access to many amenities

3 Bedroom Townhouse

Area : 1,732 Sqft

Starting from AED 1,750,000

Residents can enjoy resort-style amenities on both sides of the crystal lagoons.

  • 01  / Waterfall

  • 02 / Wave machine

  • 03 / Floating cinema

  • 04 / Waterslides and waterpark

  • 05 / Alcohol-licensed bars

  • 06 / Floating amphitheatre

  • 07 / Leisure and activity hubs

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