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Ajmal Makan



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Ajmal Makan is a real estate developer in the UAE, with a head office located in Sharjah. The founder of the company and Chairman of the Management Board is Sheikh Abdullah bin Fahid Al-Shakra. The team of experienced professionals is led by the Chief Executive Officer, Sultan Al-Shakra. The development company is engaged in the implementation of multifunctional real estate complexes, and as a result, the economic and tourist potential of Sharjah is growing due to the company's activities. The name "Ajmal Makan" translates as "the most beautiful place" and indeed, the developer is implementing ambitious projects.

The Ajmal Makan developer pays special attention to the creation of the tourist segment of real estate, in which the projects are based on international standards to improve the quality of people's lives. The company's achievements are regularly awarded, for example, in 2018, Ajmal Makan received the prestigious real estate award, Arabian Business Real Estate Award for the best project on the waterfront.

To introduce innovations in the area of construction and offer customers communities with a favorable price–quality ratio is the company's mission. The development company creates infrastructure facilities and a network of roads before the start of real estate sales. Which means, although it takes more time to implement the project, the residents of the new community can immediately immerse themselves into a comfortable and livable environment.

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